Boys & Girls,
We are so excited to start children’s church back during the month of October. Sure hope you can be with us.
The service for adults will be in the parking lot. You will be dismissed to children’s church following the worship service- See you there.
Hope you have enjoyed your packets.











               The children’s church (REEL KID’S) is a ministry of Askewville Assembly of GOD church. Our goal is to reel children in, train them in the way they should

go and equip them to minister to their friends, family

and neighbors. Our prayer is they will come to know

 JESUS CHRIST as their LORD and SAVIOR. At age 12 they 

 will move to the youth group here at Askewville Assembly

 of GOD. 

                                              Ages: 4-11

                      Children services are held during both Sunday morning worship services. The children go into the sanctuary with their parents and are dismissed to children’s church after the offering.


                       Thank you for allowing us to love and minister to your children.  It is such an honor to be part of GOD’s work.

Children’s Ministries-Brenda & Henderson Hoggard
Team Leaders:
Stephanie & Samuel Stewart
Jennifer Askew & Beth Jones
BriAnn Goodwin & Fletcher Todd
Angela Nelson, Imn & Imanuel
Coleen Askew
 David Joyner
Joseph Harrell
Colton Hoggard
Haven Hoggard
BriAnn Goodwin
Randi Goodwin
Sarah Conner
Gracie Simmons
Hannah Price
Elizabeth Joyner 
Eliana Bazemore
Noah Stewart