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8:30am First Service:
(Nursery & REEL Kids)
9:45am Second Service:
(Nursery & REEL Kids)
11am Third Service 
(Nursery & REEL Kids)
6:00pm Evening Service:
360 Youth
There is something for all the family.
7:00 pm Adult
Bible Study on Revelation
in the sanctuary led
by Pastor Denton
Ladies Bible Study
up stairs led by
Cheryl Denton
360 Youth Electives
Royal Rangers & Mpact:
located in family life center

Sunday Morning FAQS:

What should I expect when I arrive? When you walk in the door of Askewville Assembly you’ll be greeted by smiling faces and warm handshakes. Find a comfortable seat and make yourself at home!
What’s the worship style? The worship is a blend of classic and contemporary – everything from hymns, to southern gospel, to Hillsong. The first Sunday morning worship is more traditional and the second service worship more contemporary.
What do I wear? Askewville Assembly is a diverse family. You’ll see business attire, jeans and a variety in between. What about my kids? Our nursery is available for kids ages three and under. However, parents are welcome to have children to remain in the sanctuary with them. Kids 4-11 can attend REEL Kids Children’s Church on Sunday morning during worship services. Mother’s nursery is available all services.