Small Groups (CIA)
What is C.I.A.
They are adult groups of 8-12 who meet monthly in homes on a designated Sunday night.
Who’s invited?
Sign-up is requested, but everyone is invited to join a group. This includes anyone from our church as well as any unchurched friends and/or family.
What do they do at the meetings?
Along with fellowship and refreshments, they discuss the subject of the Sunday morning sermon. Sharing insights, looing up scriptures, giving testimonies, personal stories, and prayer.
What is the purpose of these groups?
To give opportunity in a small group setting to:
Grow in the CHRISTian Grow closer to reach other
Pray and study GOD’s word
Share needs and testimonies
Connect more personally than possible in large groups
Invite unchurched friends and family to a CHRISTian gathering in a home setting.
Is there anything for children?
Yes, for children ages 4-12, a fun bible quiz based evening is provided in the children’s church room. They may be dropped off at 6:45pm and picked up by 7:30pm. In the future we would love to provide nursery, if volunteer workers become available.
Call 252-794-4034 if you are interested.